The way to your

best life

My goal is to Heal, to transform health mentally and physically. Allow me to help you live your BEST LIFE

70% of Death and disability in America is caused by chronic disease, which most likely could've been prevented with a healthy diet and exercise. My passion for helping others in the field of health and fitness goes beyond weight loss. My devotion and journey began when I had to endure the loss of my mother to a chronic disease. It's my duty to put a stop to premature death and suffering so that we can enjoy the beauty life has to offer.


Countess’ goal is to heal, to transform health mentally and physically. She understands that it takes a strong mind to sustain a strong body, which is why all personal training comes with guided mediation and a detailed food directory for all diet lifestyles. Creating discipline and passion for a healthy lifestyle is key. When motivation runs out all we have is discipline and passion. She takes pride in assisting her clients reach their goals through balancing the mind, diet, and physical activity. Weight loss just so happens to be one of the many benefits.


Maximize strength
Improve lifting form
Tone Build and increase muscle mass and endurance


Cal Aesthetics based workouts
Cardio based dance routines
core and glute exercises
Guided meditation at the end of every bootcamp


Increase cardiovascular endurance
Agility, Speed and Sprinting techniques